Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey hugs the world with one arm on Asia and the other hand on Europe. The country of diverse culture and a deep history, Turkey welcomes you with its world famous hospitality.

Neither belonging east nor west but being both an east and a west country, Turkey has its own characteristics with combining these cultures in harmony for centuries.

Turkey: The Country of All Seasons

Anatolian peninsula which is surrounded by 3 seas has also a diverse climate and geographical conditions just like its culture. The east of the country may be living a harsh winter and you can satisfy your eyes with pure snow on ski resorts. At the same time, the south and southeastern coasts of the country may be the best destination for a summer holiday.

Nice Weather Rich Cuisine

Thanks to favorable climate, there are large fields of vegetable and fruit gardens in Anatolia and finding fresh food is always easy and cheap. This of course makes one of the richest cuisine in the world.

Turkey: The Universe-Backed Country

Turkey can be considered the world’s miniature version since it can offer you what the world has. Beautiful nature with dreamy lakes, waterfalls and high mountains; paradise-like beaches with turquoise seas in Antalya, Bodrum, Cesme; modern city life in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara; deep history in Cappadocia; and cultural diversity in every corner of Anatolia.

Things to Do in Turkey


Located in central Anatolia, Cappadocia is a region where people started to settle from the beginning of the 4th century. With the help of the erosion, people carved houses, caves, places of worship and storehouses into the special soft rock of this region. Cappadocia is like no other and you should pay a visit even if you need to extend your holiday.

South Coasts

South coasts of Turkey are not world famous for nothing. Continuous warm weather, white beaches and turquoise sea will make you addicted to life. You can either take a yacht trip and swim in the aquarium-like bays or prefer scuba diving to meet the mesmerizing world of the marine.

Black Sea Region

Black Sea Region is the source of the oxygen for Turkey. Each hue of green, picturesque lakes hid between the mountains and amazing waterfalls. Caution! The fresh air and heaven-like scenery may make you a bit dizzy.

Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that the credit card coverage is the highest and you can use your international credit and debit card in almost everywhere during your stay.

Turkey has got different types of shopping malls that are attractive for all kinds of shoppers. It is famous for its beautiful handmade jewelry which is also cheaper in comparison with other countries. Jewelry stores can be found in almost any city in Turkey. In addition, typical Turkish spices, culinary tools and a wide range of souvenirs are ready in many stores all around Turkey for you to take them with you home.

What can you buy from Turkey for you and friends? Here is a helpful list.

  • Turkish rugs or carpets
  • Baklava (they can make a vacuum package)
  • Raki
  • Turkish delight
  • Pistachio
  • Fez (tarboosh)
  • Jewelry (made of gold, silver or precious stones)
  • Evil eye amulet (believed to protect you from the evil eye)

Turkish Cuisine

With its roots from different civilizations and times, Turkish cuisine’s best examples are going to be here for you to try. A wide range of vegetable, meat dishes and desserts will make your stay in Turkey even more remarkable.

Cuisine for All Eating Habits

Turkish cuisine is famous for its availability for all kinds of eating habits. Vegetarians and vegans will definitely enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine which is all about fresh vegetables cooked lightly with a touch of olive oil.

Turkey's Specials

That is right to say that Turkish style of breakfast will change what you know about breakfast. For times when you feel tired, a strong Turkish coffee is the best boost up you will find around. Make sure you try Baklava, the special dessert with choice of different types of nuts. A glass of Raki will be the best accompany while you are eating the freshest of fish.

Turkish Wines

Turkey has also made a remarkable progress in wine market in recent years. Produced from the grapes coming from the most fertile lands of this beautiful country, we are pretty sure that Turkish wine is going to be among your favorites once you taste it.

Visa Procedure of Turkey

Visa procedure of Turkey may vary from country to country. If you want to learn more on arrival visas, you can go to Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web site for more detailed information.

Events in Turkey

Having an enviable intercontinental location between Asia and Europe, Turkey has always been one of the most charming points in the world. Every year, many people from all around the world come to Turkey for international events like conferences, congresses, symposiums, trade shows, fairs and exhibitions.

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