BOND FOCUS 2013 Bond Focus Conference

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10 July 2014 / Add to calendar

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About BOND FOCUS 2013

BOND FOCUS 2013 is going to be a one day Conference and it is going to be on 10 Jul 2014.

BOND FOCUS 2013 is in London, UK but the venue of the event is not determined yet.

BOND FOCUS 2013 will be a platform where a lot of significant items will probably be showcased. A few of these are about Banking, Financial Management and Finance Management.

Bond Focus Conference is organized three times a year(3).

Incisive Media Plc is the association of BOND FOCUS 2013.

When you are in London for BOND FOCUS 2013, discover these three must visit places and fall in love with the charm of this city:

To learn more about the Conference please visit the official BOND FOCUS 2013 website.


Incisive Media Plc