NFJS 2016 Raleigh No Fluff Just Stuff's Research Triangle Software Symposium

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19 - 20 August 2016 / Add to calendar

About NFJS 2016 Raleigh

The beginning of NFJS 2016 Raleigh is going to be 19 Aug and the ending date of the Symposium is going to be 20 Aug 2016.

NFJS 2016 Raleigh is in Raleigh, North Carolina USA but the venue of the event is not determined yet.

There is an opportunity to discover the newest improvements in Computer, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software, Programming, Programming Languages, Java and Java Virtual Machine at this important Symposium.

NFJS 2016 Raleigh is organized annually.

To register the Symposium please visit the official NFJS 2016 Raleigh website.

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  • Open source developers
  • Recognized industry experts