Forum LABO & Biotech Exhibition of Laboratory Materials and Services Suppliers 2016

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30 - 31 March 2016 / Add to calendar

Venue: CCC Lyon, Lyon Convention Centre   Click for map

Event Type :

Trade Show

About Forum LABO & Biotech

Forum LABO & Biotech is organized between 30 Mar and 31 Mar 2016.

Forum LABO & Biotech will be held at the Lyon Convention Centre in Lyon, France.

Forum LABO & Biotech will likely to be a stand where plenty of useful goods are likely to be exhibited. Most of these tend to be about Laboratory, Laboratory Technology, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Materials and Laboratory Services.

Forum LABO & Biotech is organized annually.

The annual meeting continues to grow! It will be expected to reach 2500 attendees this year.

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Visitor Profile

  • Researchers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Buyers
  • Decision makers

Exhibitor Profile

Consumables for anatomopathology

  • accessories for histology 
  • automated dehydration equipment for histology 
  • automated staining equipment for histology 
  • bench microtomes 
  • blades engravers 
  • blades, metal and diamond 
  • cell count 
  • coating stations 
  • cut decrumplers 
  • dialysis supplies, casings, cassettes, cells, accessories 
  • gelatin heaters 
  • hemacytometers 
  • hot plates for histology 
  • inclusion 
  • knife maker 
  • mounting media 
  • paraffin dispensers 
  • paraffin drying cabinets 
  • paraffin heated pots 
  • sharpening machines 
  • vibratomes 
  • other equipment and accessories for samples preparation for microscopy 

Consumables for chromatography, electrophoresis

  • absorbents / chromatographic papers: silica, alumina, reverse phase 
  • accessories and consumables for HPLC and CPG, valves, rings, fittings, ferrules 
  • cartridges for liquid / solid extraction 
  • CFC & GPC various columns 
  • columns of ion chromatography 
  • Fast LC columns 
  • flash chromatography cartridges 
  • GC columns, gas chromatography, GPC 
  • gel permeation columns, GPC 
  • HPLC columns, liquid chromatography 
  • low pressure columns, biochromatography 
  • needles and syringes for chromatography 
  • preparative columns 
  • small chromatography equipment in glass, glass columns,TLC tanks, 
  • SPE & SPME extraction columns or cartridges 
  • TLC - deposit systems 
  • TLC - developers 
  • TLC - plates 
  • TLC - UV lamps 
  • vials, caps, septa 
  • other accessories and consumables for chromatography 

Consumables for cell culture

  • cell counting cells 
  • culture flasks 
  • growth chambers, multiwell plates for cell culture, inserts 
  • loops 
  • Petri dishes 
  • platers 
  • potter 
  • pouches for cell culture 
  • rollers 
  • sterile plastic for cell culture 
  • tubes and microtubes for cell culture 
  • _other consumables for cell culture 

Consumables for filtration

  • caps, funnels, under vacuum or pressure, cartridges 
  • centrifuge microfilters 
  • filter crucibles 
  • filtering nylon cloth 
  • filters, glass or paper disk, adaptable to syringes, for bacteriology 
  • filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, macrofiltration membranes 
  • filtration: disk support, vacuum or screw, accessories, cells 
  • reusable filtration material made of glass or plastic 
  • vacuum filtration units for single use, complete 
  • other small equipment and consumables for filtration and dialysis 

Consumables in glass, plastic, ceramic materials, metals and minerals

  • blood sampling tubes and microtubes, assay, hemolysis, freezing, centrifugation 
  • cones and tips, with or without filter for automatic pipettes 
  • containers and crucibles made of minerals, metals or ceramics 
  • custom-made laboratory glassware 
  • disposable syringes and needles 
  • films for microplates 
  • flasks, pill boxes, vials, inserts, septa and caps for single use 
  • funnels 
  • glass capillaries 
  • inserts for tubes 
  • laboratory glassware, plastic and stainless steel dishes and containers 
  • laboratory porcelain, Büchner, crucibles, mortars 
  • multiwell microplates for PCR, microtitration, high throughput screening, 
  • pipettes by Cofrac 
  • pipettes calibration 
  • pipettes calibration 
  • pipettes maintenance 
  • plastic and glass cover glasses and slides for microscopy, microarrays 
  • plastic weighing cups, carriers 
  • reusable glass pipettes 
  • scintillation vials 
  • small glass fittings 
  • small glass materials, condensers, distillation columns, soxhlet, bulbs 
  • sterile and non-sterile disposable glass & plastic pipettes, 
  • other disposable plastic consumables 
  • other reusable plastic consumables 
  • other small equipment made of glass, ceramics, metals and minerals 

Various laboratory consumables

  • adhesive tapes, labels and special markers for tubes, labeling 
  • autoradiographic films 
  • caps and plugs 
  • cassettes for autoradiographic films 
  • cleansing papers 
  • connecting devices, fittings, clamps 
  • consumables for photography 
  • darkrooms 
  • devices for electrical use and platen wires 
  • fingerstalls 
  • packaging 
  • parafilms© , plastic films, aluminum foils, polyethylene sheath, bags 
  • reagents and accessories for photographic and film development, developers and fixers 
  • tubing, rubber hoses, PVC 
  • _other laboratory consumables 

Health and Safety

  • absorbent kits 
  • consumables and supplies for cleanrooms 
  • eye wash equipment 
  • hairnets 
  • lab coats 
  • masks 
  • overshoes, shoes 
  • protective clothing 
  • protective glasses 
  • protective gloves 
  • radiation boxes and shields 
  • waste collectors 
  • other small health and safety equipment: plugs, ear protection

Event in Numbers



Exhibiting Companies


Exhibition Area

2,000 sq.m.




Lyon Convention Centre

Address : 44 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon, France