AABP 2016 49th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners

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15 - 17 September 2016 / Add to calendar

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About AABP 2016

The starting of AABP 2016 will be 15 Sep and the ending date of the Conference will be 17 Sep 2016.

AABP 2016 is in Charlotte, North Carolina USA but the venue of the event is not determined yet.

You"ll find the opportunity to uncover the most up-to-date innovations in Animal Care, Bovine Medicine, Bovine Health and Bovine Indusry at this major Conference.

AABP 2016 is organized annually.

The association of the AABP 2016 is American Association of Bovine Practitioners.

To learn more about the Conference please visit the official AABP 2016 website.


American Association of Bovine Practitioners