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ICAP 2014
28th International Congress of Applied Psychology
8 July - 13 July 2014 Paris, France

ICAP 2014

ICAP 2014 - 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology
28th International Congress of Applied Psychology is starting on 08 July, 2014 and ending on 13 July, 2014.
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3 Place du Général Kœnig, 75017
Paris  France
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French Federation for Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP) as well as French Society of Psychology (SFP), along with the French National Committee of Scientific Psychology (CNFPS), under the umbrella of the French Consortium of Psychology Associations (A-CIPA), you are invited to the forthcoming International Congress of Applied Psychology that will take place in Paris on 8-13 July, 2014, at Palais de Congres.

The International Association of Applied Psychology is the oldest international association of psychologists. Its official languages are English and French. Founded in 1920, it now has members from more than 80 countries. Its main missions are to promote the science and practice of applied psychology and to facilitate interaction and communication about applied psychology around the world.

Every four years IAAP organizes a world congress of applied psychology which serves as a review of advances in applied psychology and unites several thousand psychologists from all over the world. The 25th ICAP was held in Singapore in 2002, the 26th ICAP in Athens in 2006, and the 27th ICAP in Melbourne in 2010.

Scientific Program of ICAP 2014

Scientific Program of the congress can now be reached on the official website of the event. In addition, the prospect attendees may also get information about the workshops and Advanced Research Training Seminars, too.

Registration to ICAP 2014

If you are interested in becoming a part of this important event, please see the registration information that is provided on ICAP 2014's official website.